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    Certified Profit First Professional

  • Our Motto

    If what "is" is what was once just a thought, written down; what "can be" is limited only by our imagination and the ability to communicate what we imagine.


    "Starting small is closer to growing tall, than not starting at all!"

  • About Our Company Values

    We always strive for the best.

    Integrity without compromise 

    When I worked for Intuit, this was one of our company values. It always impressed me as being the most important of the ten, so I borrowed it as a life value. In a dog-eat-dog world, this may be one thing that makes us stand out above the crowd, besides our Profit First cash management system.

    Have the patience of a saint for those in need

    There is nothing more frustrating than somebody that keeps saying the same thing over and over, as if the person that does't understand will suddenly "get it" if it is repeated often enough and loud enough. Patience and understanding the real question goes a long way to finding the answer.

    Zero tolerance for feigned ignorance 

    This is the opposite of the of the above. Don't play me. If you really don't know or need help don't hesitate to ask. If you could teach me how to do it, but you just don't want to do it and feign ignorance to get out of it, just move on. There is someone out there that really does need our help.

    If you're going to do, do it right

    There is little value in doing a task if it is not done right. Someone else will have to redo the task correctly. Take pride in your work, own it!

    Teach a man to fish even if you'd rather smash the pole over his head and do it for him.

    Have the patience of a saint and teach. Self-reliance is liberating and the student, given the right tools, may go on to teach many others.

    Watch out for kids, animals and motorcycles on the road of life

    Kids and animals rely on us to watch over them. If on the road of life you can't see a big motorcycle, how will you see young child, on a bicycle, dart out in front of you or a dog that has slipped away from its owner.  Be aware of your surroundings things can change in the blink of an eye.  

    Smile it's contagious

    Happy people are a joy to work with. Laugh...it beat's the alternative!


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